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Our Contact Information

  • Name: Ankit V.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mobile Number: 9953003833
  • What's App: 9953003833
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How To Play game

In this video you can get all the instruction about game that how to play and win money.

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If you have already downloaded Ludo king game, that's awesome!!! Just follow the telegram group link to join the group.

If you don't have the Ludo King game Then Download Ludo King game now

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Join on Telegram

Please follow these step.

  • Firstly you need to download the telegram app to join the group.
  • Telegram For Android Telegram For iOS/Apple
  • Now, if you have successfully installed the telegram app, just click the link below "join on telegram" and welcome to the group
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Our Payment Type


We are accepting Paytm so you can pay with paytm and play.Contact Admin..

Phone Pay

We are accepting Paytm so you can pay with paytm and play.Contact Admin..

Google Pay

We are accepting Google Pay so you can pay with Google Pay and play.Contact Admin..

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  • No credit.
    Please don't make us feel bad asking for it!!
  • The game is played between 2 players only.
  • It's important to submit the payment in advance to play the game.
  • After doing the payment, is important to send the payment screenshot in the group.
  • After recieving and confirming the payment from both the players, i (admin ) will fix the game table in the group, then the game will start.
  • If anyone is playing personally outside the group with the group member, i would not be responsible for the payment.
  • After setting the table for a game, the players will exchange the game room code in personal chat, not in the GROUP.
  • WHOSOEVER WOULD LEFT THE GAME IN BETWEEN IS CONSIDERED LOST, Battery problem, phone hang, network problem, etc reason would not be considered.
  • Whosoever wins the game needs to send the winning game screenshot in the group with the tag of the table.
  • Admins Decision Last Decision
  • Our COMMISSION 5% only I'll take the surity of your payment if you win, you'll get your amount for sure.
Note: Never send the payment to anyone if someone asks you to send the payment in personal chat. Always ask the admin payment numbers in group. If someone calls you and tell you to do payment in any other number, it would be your fault. So always ask the payment number in the group only.
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Trust & Reliablity

The first and the most genuine Ludo group where

  • 1 Year old and the genuine group you will be ever connected to. Where you can relax about your payment.
  • Everyone is treated with respect.
  • 24*7 PAYMENT when any player needs it.
  • Phone PE/ Gpay /Bhim/ Paytm accepted.
  • No abusive language.
  • Smooth experience and highly secured.
  • You can refer your friends and get a good deal from the admin.

Ludotrophy Payment Screenshots

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